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As a part of one of the top technological universities in the United States, we naturally have a passion for design thinking and technology. Our students and faculty are constantly breaking new ground, and taking their ideas out into the real world – globally and locally.




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Upcoming Events

  • Apr 1

    School of Architecture Lecture Series: Marlon Blackwell

     "Is it Safe to Say Most Architecture Isn't Very Good?"

  • Apr 3

    School of Architecture Lecture Series: Jason Brown

    How can we be confident that our design decisions will lead to energy performance outcomes that we want? Can we shine a light on the design space and illuminate a way
    to a design that has a good chance of succeeding? This talk will consider these questions in the context of early design and how an energy model "sees" a building.

  • Apr 13

    School of Building Construction Lecture Series

    Join the School of Building Construction and the College of Architecture, Monday, April 13, 6:00PM for a lecture by Tom Gilbane, chairman and chief executive officer of Gilbane Building Company.